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Nestle Cerelac Multigrain Dal Veg Stage 4 Junior Cereal (12 months+) - 300 Gm

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About the Product

Enriched with the goodness of vital nutrients, Nestle Multigrain Veg Dal (Stage-4) Cerelac is a fortified baby cereal with milk. It is a complimentary food for babies over 12 months and is free from added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Features & Ingredients

Fortified with the goodness of multigrain
No added colours or preservatives
Goodness of vital nutrients
Great nutrition for growth and development Wheat Flour (45.8%), Milk Solids (31.1%), Sucrose, Soyabean Oil, Corn (2.8%), Green Gram Pulse (1.9%), Tomato Crunchies (1.4%), Rice (1.3%), Carrot Crunchies (0.9%), Spinach Crunchies (0.7%), Minerals, Vitamins and Malt Extract

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