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Gala Mopking Mop - 1 Pc

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About the Product

Gala Mopking is used for cleaning your floors. It can be used for wet as well as dry mopping. The head of the Mop can be twisted to drain out dirty water from it, thus saving your time and energy. The head is detachable and can be replaced. The mop is of cotton which has high water absorbency, thus giving you a all round cleaning.

Gala India's one of largest manufacturer of home cleaning tools brings out Mopking cotton used for Wet Floor Cleaning/Mopping, Refill made of Bleached Cotton which has super water absorbency capacity & long life. It has unique twist & lock system to squeeze the mop & remove water. Scrubber at the bottom of refill to enable scrubbing of floor. Easy refill changing mechanism

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